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Soft Landings


Exemplar customer service, supported transition into new facilities and responsive aftercare has been a core offering at Read since long before BSRIA formalised an industry standard for managed construction project handover under their 2009 Soft Landings Framework. The later addition of ‘Government Soft Landings’ (GSL) introduced in 2016, developed the approach further adding emphasis on project teams working together during the in-use stage to bridge the gap between design and reality. Collaboration underpins Read’s Soft Landing approach to effectively plan, communicate, coordinate and manage the team in understanding, addressing and learning from mismatches between designed and actual performance.

POE / BPE and Net Zero:

Post occupancy evaluation or Building Performance Evaluation is an essential component of soft landing that ensures the operational effectiveness of the building during its in-use phase. Without the energy consumption data and operational review activities of an effective performance evaluation, the Net Zero In Operation (NZIO) status cannot be validated. This part of the process is most frequently overlooked, or not effectively delivered, but is essential to ensure operational energy efficiency and learning of lessons to drive further innovation. The Read Customer Care team are soft landing champions, fully committed to leading collaborative soft landings that include integrated performance reviews at 1, 2 and 3 years post completion. Our engagement on your next project will ensure that operational energy efficiency is optimised during the design & construction and validated at the in-use stage.


Our soft landing services are tailored for every project, recognising differing Client needs and project complexity. Our team lead the process, sharing the project bespoke plan during regular soft landings workshops throughout the construction phase to communicate early and integrate all project stakeholders. Our innovative approach includes guided tours for users, familiarisation and operation training, digital operational & maintenance manuals, building user guides and video tutorials for key building management systems. Following Practical Completion, our delivery team remain assigned to the project, providing weekly face to face contact.

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