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Celebrating Volunteers’ Week 2024

This week, we celebrate Volunteers’ Week! Volunteers’ Week honours the wonderful contributions that volunteers make to communities across the UK.

We are proud of our employees who regularly participate in volunteering activities to support our local communities. This year, we have made it even easier for them to do so! We recently introduced our new Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV) initiative, which encourages all employees to dedicate two days

to volunteering during normal working hours annually. This will enable them to make a positive impact while promoting a culture of teamwork, togetherness, and community awareness.
Hannah Gerrard, Accounts Assistant, recently used her ESV days to support a local charity music festival.

The festival organisers expressed their gratitude, saying, “Thank you to both yourself and Read Construction for supporting Nercwys Music Festival. Your time, dedication, reliability, and continuous input have been invaluable. Without such hard work, this festival of local bands and music would not be able to proceed. Volunteers like yourself enable the festival to raise thousands of pounds for our chosen charities.”

Karen Heaton-Morris, Director, commented, “A high proportion of people want to volunteer but don’t have time. We hope that our workplace volunteer scheme can make charitable deeds more accessible. The benefits of this can be enormous, not just for the charity, but for the mental wellbeing of our employees. Volunteering and working to support charitable causes have never been as important as it is now.”

Thank you to all those who volunteer; this week, we celebrate you!