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Read Secure Place on £500m Construction Framework

Read Construction have been successful in their bid to join the second iteration of a £500million construction framework.

The North Wales Construction Partnership, led by Denbighshire County Council, has announced the 18 contractors appointed to its framework, including ten construction companies from North Wales, chosen for the second iteration of the Framework on behalf of the six North Wales councils.

The anticipated value of the programme is up to £500 million and includes new school buildings and public sector projects by all six North Wales authorities.

The Framework fosters collaborative working and allows clients, contractors, design teams and the supply chain to work together and places community benefits at its core, supporting and developing sustainable local supply chains, apprenticeships and training as well as improving the well-being of communities across North Wales.

Alex Read, Director at Read Construction, said:

“Read are delighted to have secured a place on the second iteration of the North Wales Construction Partnership, allowing us to tender for work opportunities in North Wales. This is a positive step for the business as we continue to grow and evolve.”

“We are committed as ever to upskilling our employees and supply chain, working collaboratively with our fellow construction partners and clients to deliver positive social outcomes throughout our work.”

“Read look forward to yet again working together with our peers through the second phase of the framework.”

The first phase of the Framework saw projects with a value in excess of £270 million, with 80 per cent of supply chain spending coming from within a 30 mile radius of projects.

Gary Williams Denbighshire County Council’s Head of Legal, HR, & Democratic Services, said:

“This framework will have a positive impact in North Wales by creating new facilities for public use, including new schools, which will create jobs in the construction sector, improve educational attainment, provide opportunity for community involvement and engagement and help promote a vibrant culture and the Welsh language.

“The framework places importance on delivering the greatest benefit from the investment made ensuring there is a positive impact on local communities.

“This framework ensures that local businesses, where possible, benefit from the investment being made in North Wales.”

Alongside the regional Framework, the principles adopted will be applied to projects across the region to ensure consistency, drive delivery of the community benefits, develop continuous improvement and set new benchmarks for best practice.

A number of projects from the first phase of the framework have won various awards, most recently six projects were honoured at the National CEW Awards 2018. Read delivered 7 schemes through the first iteration of the project, achieving excellent KPI scores on all schemes.