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Project name: Chester Zoo, African Painted Dogs

Location: Chester

Contract: JCT Standard with Quantities

Value: £400,000

Duration: 17 weeks


Delivered at the heart of the UK’s most popular visitor attraction, the construction of a new exhibit and enclosure for the African Painted Dogs, showcases the Zoo’s conservation programme.

FLEXIBLE – Our client focus remains at the forefront of the planning process, where our teams understand the need to programme or sequence work activities to ensure the minimal impact to the ongoing operation of the clients main business operations. In order to complete the African Dog exhibit (centrally located within the Zoo grounds) in advance of the Easter holiday period, Read’s site team scheduled deliveries for arrival outside of normal visitor hours, allowing works to progress to meet the deadline.

LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP – Working in live environments around endangered and sensitive end users, for such a discerning client with significant quality expectations is no easy task. Read are proud to have maintained a mutually beneficial relationship with Chester Zoo spanning in excess of 16 years.

QUALITY – In the Zoo environment the highest of quality, robust detailing and attention to detail is paramount in both off show and on show areas to provide the best possible facilities for the animals, keepers and public.

What was said ...
  • Chris Hayes - CLM Ltd

    We were made up with the opening on Wednesday, it went great, and I must say we did feel quite proud of the final outcome.  Looks like it was worth all the weekends working in the cold/rain/snow etc.  I hope the dogs appreciate what we did for them!

    To be honest, it’s been one of my favourite projects to date.  Thanks to yourself and your team for all the help along the way.

    As for the next project, just give me a call and we’ll be happy to help.  Try to get one when the weather’s a bit warmer next time though!

  • Anthony Izzard MBEng - Architectural Technician Chester Zoo

    Considering what we have been up against work on site is going really well.  Can’t praise Steve enough for his pro-active approach and ability to ‘adapt’, really coming together now.

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