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Project name: Chester Zoo, Penguin Pool

Contract: JCT Minor Works

Value: £350,000

Duration: 20 Weeks


Complex small works project for the upgrade of the Penguin Pool. Works involved removal of existing viewing screens and replacement with new full height glazed wall. Other upgrades included extensive rock cladding and new pool lining and filtration.

This project involved the removal of the existing viewing windows and wall to the penguin pool and construction of new glazed screen with steel mullions on new foundations and pool base. Upgraded filtration system and an additional 100m3 water capacity together with new pool lining and imitation rock faces and landscaping complete the upgrade works.

ENGAGING – Centrally located within the Zoo grounds, the site team worked closely with the Zoo estates team to ensure access and egress via public routes was managed and risk free with minimal impact on the rest of the visitor experience.

CO-ORDINATION – With extensive Zoological experience, co-ordination of specialist work packages was effectively managed to ensure efficient progression of the works. Various options and value management reviews were undertaken collaboratively to ensure the best value for the client and most appropriate solution in terms of animal welfare.

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