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Latchford Church

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Project name: Latchford Church

Location: Warrington

Contract: JCT Intermediate

Value: £1,300,000

Duration: 34 weeks


A major construction of a new church on a brownfield site with a composite steel and glulam beam frame, curtain walling, pressed stone walls with octagonal roof over.

COLLABORATIVE – Through a traditional procurement process and JCT contract, Read were appointed early in the planning process to contribute to the resolution of design detailing to facilitate planning approval. Throughout the programme, the Read delivery team worked closely with the client and their architect to ensure the design reflected traditional elements, whilst providing a modern environment for worship and reflection.

ZERO DEFECTS – The Read team delivered the high quality specification through capable supply chain partners, utilising LEAN construction processes to drive quality and efficiency both in design development and the construction process and methodology. The resulting quality finish led to a KPI of ZERO impact of defects at handover.

What was said ...
  • Angela Godfrey - Stone Artist

    The Star was safely delivered yesterday in anticipation of bad road conditions by Monday. Thank you for all your help too. I don’t think we would ever have got there without your positive attitude and problem solving, the detailed planning and work that resulted in the successful installation of the stone. I thought the church looked very good yesterday, seeing it again after several months. Eddie Norris, who did all the metal fabrication for me, drove up with me yesterday and was very impressed.

    Enjoy Christmas and very best wishes for the New Year.

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