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Radiology Department

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Project name: Radiology Department

Contract: JCT Measured Term Agreement

Value: £208,000

Duration: 16 Weeks


With over 7 years’ continual presence at the Countess of Chester Hospital and experience of project delivery in 7 other hospitals, Read understand the complexity and have a wealth of experience from successful proven track record.

CLIENT LIAISON – To ensure a co-ordinated approach, Read’s site team held daily liaison meetings with the client’s estates department representative and adjacent ward managers. The complex phasing requirements necessitated several adaptations to the segregation strategy which required consideration from a fire planning perspective for both the construction site and hospital.

PHASING & SEQUENCING – Live environments don’t come any more sensitive than those delivering acute patient care. Maintaining a sensitive and considerate programme is key to delivering works without adverse impact on adjoining areas. In such environments, Read’s site team utilise a LEAN efficiency tool known as the Planned Activities Complete programming technique to plan and manage works on a day by day collaborative basis.

ADAPTABLE – As always, Read’s site team remained adaptable to the situation and constraints throughout the programme. Where material and tools had to be transported through the live areas, special trolleys were adapted and out-of-hours working was adopted to minimise impact on the facility operation and patient / visitor wellbeing.

What was said ...
  • Alison Miller - Radiology Team Leader Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Trust

    Following the refurbishment of the Radiology Department at the Countess of Chester Hospital, I just want to thank you for a job very well done.  The Radiology Department is looking oustanding.  We have received numerous positive comments from both staff and patients.

    Paul Kelly, Project Manager, and his team of workmen have been a pleasure to work with throughout the programme.  They always worked in a tidy and professional manner at all times, and most importantly demonstrated sensitivity and consideration to our operational needs and constraints as a fully functioning department.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Read Construction for any work in the future.

    Thank you once again.

  • Linda Williams - Radiology Services Manager Countess of Chester Hospital

    We have recently undergone a total refurbishment project within Radiology at the Countess of Chester Hospital.  During this process business continuity has been paramount as Radiology provides a 24 hour service to accident & emergency and inpatients.

    Paul Kelly, Project Manager, and his team from Read have been excellent to work with throughout the programme.  They have shown real sensitivity to the nature of the work within a busy NHS environment and liaised with myself and other staff members consistently throughout the project.

    They have listened to all staff requests in a professional and understanding manner and ensured the disturbance to the working environment has been minimal.  Staff at all grades have commented on their ability to work with the clinical team so the service we provide will not be compromised in any way.

    During the work there was an infection control inspection and the radiology directorate actually scored higher than last year.

    We have been praised at executive level for being able to continue with all the clinical work throughout and ensure our patients have not had any detriment to the service they  have received.

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