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Theatre Surgical Supply Unit
RJAH Orthopedic Hospital

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Contract: JCT IFC with Contractor Design 2016

Value: £1,060,000

Duration: 19 weeks


This scheme saw alterations to the existing theatre sterile services unit to improve the operational needs of the hospital together with state-of-the-art sterilising equipment to increase capacity within the Trust’s surgical support services.

LIVE ENVIRONMENT – Delivered in the midst of a live hospital environment, clear segregation, considerate construction practices and regular communication was vital. Our site team effectively managed this scheme, with regular detailed communication with key stakeholders to ensure minimal impact on the day to day running of the theatre department. Upcoming works were communicated through daily briefing meetings with hospital staff to ensure continuity of service and awareness of works.

ZERO HARM – By effective planning of work activities and resource requirements, the disruption caused through distribution of materials, plant and equipment through live access routes was minimised. The management by our dedicated team resulted in ZERO harm to the public and staff throughout the scheme.

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